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The Exorcism of Ian Snout (2019)

Dual channel video installation
Broadcasting CRT monitors, USB media players, projector stand, 2:00 minute loop

Playing on the duality of the easily confused words and common misspelling of “Exorcise” and “Exercise”, The Exorcism of Ian Snout deals with themes surrounding either meaning. Both “to exorcise” and “to exercise” are an act of improvement, and in a sense are both used to dispel an unwanted presence.


The dual channel video follows a circular time scale, showing a looping eternity of Ian Snout on one channel doing squats and on the other channel doing star jumps. The non-linear loop reflects a lost sense of temporality, and conveys a sense of both meditative entrancement or psychotic repetition pointing towards a loss of sanity.

cut out screens.png
Exorcism of Ian Snout install shot 1.png
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