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Snout VR: Includes everything you need to disembody your consciousness and lose yourself in Cyberspace! (2019)

Virtual Reality Installation
Gaming PC, VR headset, tracking sensors, LCD display, aluminium flight case. Dimensions variable.

Snout VR is a virtual reality installation, created using the Unity game engine and the 3D software Blender. The experience places the viewer in a dark dungeon, surrounded by outdated computer terminals. The space appears warped, remeniscient of the distorted set design of expressionist horror cinema. The computer screens display parodied snapshots of virtual activity, referencing video games and Cyberpunk fiction tropes which deal with a dissolution of reality, and build a narrative around the virtual character “Ian Snout”. These references reflect speculative dystopic parallels to issues facing our society.


The piece explores ideological fears raised by virtual existence, and “technological disembodiment”, a central idea in Posthumanist thought, and a reoccurring area of interest in my work.

Install shot 2.jpg
Install shot.jpg
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