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Goom Heo CIFF Paris Showroom (2019)

Video installation

Projector, plywood, steel bolts. 400cm x 300cm x 100cm, duration: 1:22 minutes

I worked with fashion designer Goom Heo to create visuals for an installation at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. The installation was shown in both Copenhagen then in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. During this project I began experimenting with 3D scanning using an Xbox Kinect, and photogrammetry using the open source software Meshroom. I 3D scanned the garments from her collection for animation, playing with the frame interpolation to create unnatural, glitchy movements, emphasising the synthetic nature of the digital objects.

The installation was built by set designer Louis Gibson, onto which the video I created was projected.

CIFF Install shot.png
Goom looks dual 4 no bg.png
Goom looks dual 1 no bg.png
Goom looks dual 2 no bg.png
Goom looks dual 3 no bg.png
CIFF Install shot 2.png
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